Operational Excellence

As part of our commitment to safety, ENEC has established a rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) program to ensure that the UAE’s first nuclear energy plants are designed, constructed, commissioned and operated in line with the best industry practices, governing codes and standards, regulations and license requirements.

The aim of the Quality program is to ensure that ENEC’s overriding priority - the safety of the UAE community, our employees, the environment and our future plants - is achieved every day.

Our QA program is applied to all aspects of our work and we conduct regular training sessions, assessments and audits to ensure our high standards are being met and continually improved upon. Importantly, our Quality Assurance Program applies not just to ENEC, but to every contractor and sub-contractor involved in the program – the entire supply chain.

The program is documented in ENEC’s Quality Assurance Manual, which outlines the quality requirements and responsibilities for all activities conducted by or on behalf of ENEC, including oversight of our prime contractor, KEPCO, our sub-contractors and suppliers. It covers everything from siting, design, engineering, procurement and construction, through to commissioning, operation, waste management and decommissioning.

ENEC’s Quality Assurance program applies to nuclear safety and safety-related equipment, structures, components and systems. It also applies to equipment and activities that may not be directly safety related, but support safe plant operations, or where our national regulator, the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR), establishes program requirements.

By extending our Quality Assurance program to all of our activities, we aim to achieve the highest standards in safety, quality, availability and reliability.

Like our philosophy on safety, we believe that everyone is responsible for Quality, and it is this approach that will drive continual improvement in everything we do.

ENEC’s Quality Assurance Policy outlines the systems, responsibilities, and commitments ENEC has made to integrate quality throughout every aspect of our program, in order to ensure the safety of our communities, employees, the environment and our future plants.

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Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR)

The UAE’s independent regulator of the nation's nuclear energy program. Its mission is to protect workers, residents and the environment. It establishes proper safeguards and monitors nuclear power stations.
Nuclear energy

The energy that is released during a nuclear reaction. Splitting atoms (fission) and fusing atoms (fusion) both release nuclear energy. Today's nuclear power plants use fission to produce energy, which allow them to generate electricity on a large scale.
Prime contract

A legal agreement that gives one contractor the primary scope for a project. ENEC awarded Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) the prime contract to help design, build and operate the Braka Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) and associated facilities and services.
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Culture of Safety
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