International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board (IAB), is the body mandated to provide an independent assessment of the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program, reporting directly to the leadership of the nation.

The IAB was established to provide the UAE peaceful nuclear energy program with the benefit of the expertise and knowledge of a highly select group of internationally recognized experts in the fields of nuclear safety and security, non-proliferation and the development of human resources.

On at least a semi-annual basis the Board will review the progress the UAE is making in achieving and maintaining the highest standards of safety, security, non-proliferation, transparency and sustainability. Board members will provide their insights into how the program can be optimized against these targets.

The IAB consists of nine members, and are chosen from among world recognized experts in nuclear science, non-proliferation, regulatory affairs, energy generation and distribution, reactor operations, waste management, human resources development and related fields.

Semi-annually, the board will issue regular reports that describe progress within the program and suggest potential areas for improvement. As part of the UAE’s commitment to transparency, the government is making the reports available to the public, ensuring that both domestic and international stakeholders are able to monitor the program’s performance against the highest international standards

While the IAB’s semi-annual reports may address additional topics, they will always be required to specifically address the issues of:

  • Nuclear safety
  • Nuclear security
  • Nuclear non-proliferation
  • Program transparency
  • Program sustainability

Its members are:

  • Dr. Hans Blix, IAB Chairman
  • Mr. Jacques Bouchard, Special Advisor to the Chairman of Centre de Saclay-France
  • Dr. KunMo Chung, Former Minister of Science and Technology-Republic of Korea
  • Ambassador Thomas Graham, Executive Chairman of Light Bridge Corporation-USA
  • Mr. Takuya Hattori, President of Japan Atomic Industrial Forum Inc. (JAIF)
  • Lady Barbara Judge, Chairman of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
  • Dr. Mujid Kazimi, Professor of Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Mr. Jukka Laaksonen, Director General of Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority – Finland
  • Sir John Rose, Chief Executive of Rolls - Royce plc

The first annual report, issued in February 2010 reached the following conclusions:

  • The IAB endorsed the UAE’s effort to make nuclear safety the highest priority.
  • The UAE government supports and complies with numerous international nuclear security related agreements.
  • The UAE government has been active beyond its own national nuclear program to support global non-proliferation efforts.
  • The IAB endorsed the UAE government’s efforts to achieve and maintain operational transparency throughout the development of the nuclear program.
  • The UAE government has committed to approach its peaceful nuclear energy program in a manner that best ensures long-term sustainability.

A basic component of matter. An atom is the smallest part of an element and has all the chemical properties of that element. An atom consists of a nucleus (that contains protons and neutrons) and surrounding electrons. Nuclear energy binds the nucleus together.
Nuclear energy

The energy that is released during a nuclear reaction. Splitting atoms (fission) and fusing atoms (fusion) both release nuclear energy. Today's nuclear power plants use fission to produce energy, which allow them to generate electricity on a large scale.

Preventing the spread of technology, materials and equipment used for nuclear weapons.
Long-term sustainability

Using resources in a manner that meets today's needs while preserving supplies for future generations. The nuclear energy industry continually works to improve long-term sustainability by increasing reactor efficiency and reducing the waste generated.
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