Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is playing an important role for many nations around the world who are seeking sustainable solutions to rising energy demand.

The UAE believes that nuclear energy can play a major role in the goal to reduce carbon emissions.  Combined with the investment in development of renewables like solar power,  nuclear energy figures strongly in the blueprint for powering the nation’s economic growth.

Rising energy demand

An increasing level of energy needed to support growing populations and improved standards of living. The UAE’s demand for electricity is projected to increase 9 percent by 2020.
Nuclear energy

The energy that is released during a nuclear reaction. Splitting atoms (fission) and fusing atoms (fusion) both release nuclear energy. Today's nuclear power plants use fission to produce energy, which allow them to generate electricity on a large scale.
Carbon emissions

The release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a gas linked to ozone damage and climate change. Sources of carbon emissions include people, cars and fossil fuel power plants.
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Culture of Safety
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