Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To deliver safe, clean, efficient and reliable nuclear energy to the UAE grid by 2017 while developing our people and building sustainable nuclear operational capacity.

Our Vision
Powering the future growth and prosperity of the UAE through a safe and sustainable peaceful nuclear energy program.

Our Responsibilities
ENEC is committed to:

  • Delivering safe, clean, efficient nuclear energy to the United Arab Emirates.
  • Forming strategic partnerships with local and international companies and pursuing investment opportunities to support the growth of the nuclear energy industry in the UAE.
  • Partnering with academic institutions to develop the human capital required for the UAE’s nuclear energy industry well into the future.
  • Providing the UAE community with accurate and up-to-date information about the program in line with the UAE’s commitment to complete operational transparency.

ENEC Corporate Values

Safety is the overriding priority of ENEC. We design and execute world-class safety and security processes and systems ensuring the safety of the public, ENEC employees and the environment
We listen to and respect the opinions, expertise and traditions of others. We are accountable for our work, our business and our actions. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment.
We are open, transparent, factual and accurate in our communications
We work in an efficient and effective manner and continuously strive to improve our capabilities, processes and cost effectiveness. We responsibily manage our funds and rigorously manage our work to ensure we meet our commitment to deliver safe, clean, reliable and efficient electricity to the UAE.

Strategic Direction

Since its establishment in 2009, ENEC has confirmed its commitment and capability to meet the ambitious milestones set by the UAE’s nuclear energy policy. As we accelerate the delivery of our vision to power the future growth and prosperity of the United Arab Emirates through a safe, clean, efficient and reliable peaceful nuclear energy program, ENEC is focused on delivering three strategic goals:

  • Guarantee Project Delivery - Delivering the UAE’s first nuclear energy plants safely, on time and to budget, while meeting the expectations of our regulator and maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety
  • Ensure Operational Readiness - Ensuring ENEC has the world-class processes, systems and trained personnel in place to operate our four plants with safety as the top priority; connecting safe, reliable and cost effective power to our nation’s grid
  • Support & Develop Capability - Aligning the organisation to ensure the delivery of the program in a safe and efficient manner, as well as developing the skilled local nuclear energy workforce required to power the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy program; and enabling business opportunities for UAE companies by supporting the growth of a nuclear energy industry supply chain in the UAE.
Nuclear energy

The energy that is released during a nuclear reaction. Splitting atoms (fission) and fusing atoms (fusion) both release nuclear energy. Today's nuclear power plants use fission to produce energy, which allow them to generate electricity on a large scale.
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Culture of Safety
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